Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible Part 2

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible Part 2

I’m often asked if there is some secret for consistent sales performance. The answer is simple : Have a great Monday and have a great Friday.

If you’re looking for consistency in selling performance, try these steps :

1) Make a sale first thing Monday morning.
Since there are a lot of companies having sales meetings on Monday morning, be as productive as you can with an appointment. If time permits, make calls in the early morning. Lots of decision makers are early risers.

2) Learn something new
Listen to some training or motivational CD instead of same old news or music, try to feed your head with new knowledge that will help you make the first sale. When you learna new idea on the way to an appointment, you can try it out in minutes.

Continue your sales education throughout the week on a regularly scheduled basis is as important to your success as any other aspect of sales.

3) Make at least 5 appointments for the rest of the week

Why not have a Monday full of success and positive anticipation? It is up to you. Pick up the phone and work at it.

4) Work like hell all week- especially on Friday

If you work intensely on Friday, it will ensure success next week and give you a good reason to have a great weekend.

5) Make a sale on Friday afternoon.

Schedule a close for Friday afternoon. There’s nothing like ending the week on a positive note.

6) Confirm and solidify your Monday appointment on Friday.

If you worked hard the last four days, you’ve already set your Monday morning make-a-sale apointment. Call the prospect on Friday and confirm it.

7) Make at least 5 appointments for next week

Why not guarantee yourself a full schedule next week? Spend your weekend relaxing instead of worrying about how few appointments you have. Make this commitment to yourself. I won’t leave work on Friday until I have five appointments and I’ve set my Monday appointment / sale.

8) The secret to a great week is to use Monday as a springboard
The big secret is to trigger it by making a sales call on Monday morning. THe bigger secret is having enough qualified prospects in your pipeline to make your Monday sales possible. Biggest secret : Keep your pipeline full.


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