The 25 sales habits of highly successful salespeople

The 25 sales habits of highly successful salespeople

By Stephan Schiffman

Habit #21 Passing along opportunity when appropriate

“What goes around, comes around”
This is a hard adage for a lot of salespeople to relate to, but it is nevertheless a vitally important point.

Maintaining a can-do attitude where your own efforts are concerned is easy enough. But why on earth should you make an effort to help someone else out, if you don’t have to- if there seems to be no logical way for that person to help you out somewhere down the line in your career?

Based on top baseball players’ activities, it seems that they pass along those information, facts or tips not because they do not see each other as competitors (they do!) but because they see each other as colleagues- and it is not a bad idea to be known as the type of person who likes to help out a colleague.

Is there a “book” in your league? If so, do you contribute to it? Do you share insights, leads and contacts with others where appropriate, even though you cannot see any immediate benefit in doing so? There are hundreds, probably thousands of stories of strange, off-the-wall referrals generated “though the grapevine” that resulted in sales. To get your share, you’ll need to develop a reputation as a person who contributes to that common pool of resources, tips and openings.

Pass along opportunity when you can. It’s a wise investment- one I’ve never heard any salesperson regret making.


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