I walked the dollar Part 3

I walked the dollar Part 3

I guess I really like this book so much that I am going to highlight some of the things in Part 3 of this blog. It is a very simple and easy to read book.

Regret will undoubtly creep in at several intervals through your sales career, just remember to use the tools mentioned below to overcome those down points in your life.

1. Staying Forcused

So you’d had a bad day, what can you do to turn this around? One of the things you could do it s to take time out of your day and refocus on YOU for a while. If you can, make arrangements to set any appointments left in the day to the following day but if you can’t then you need to work a little harder to gain back your self-confidence level again.

You could go somewhere quiet with a relaxing environment, perhaps somewhere there is soft soothing music to listen tol somewhere you can enjoy a cup of tea. In a calmer environment it is easier to reflect on what has happened during the day that has affected your self-esteem and confidence, where your mind is more at ease you can go through the processes which got you to feeling how you feel. Refocus your thoughts and energy back to what it is you want to achieve in your life.

2. Self affirmations

Once you are in your private quiet zone, you tell yourself all the positive things that you are out loud. As an example say to yourself “I am a winner. My dreams will happen. I will succeed. I can do it!” and you MUST say it out loud and keep repeating it until you feel a surge of positive energy flow through you, don’t forget that your mind is a sponge that is always ready to soak up positive things.

3. Leave it to GOD

If all else fails, I find that there is always comfort to be found when you turn to a higher entity. Taking time to talk to God is not only a spiritually uplifting activity to address your problems at hand but also one that will enrich your life on many levels. Don’t just share your bad days, share all the good things you’ve experienced too and be thankful for them.

If you exude positive energy out of the universe and to the higher entity regardless of good or bad days, the universe will respond in a positive way. Sometimes when things just seem so bleak and there doesn’t seem to be a way out and you turn your energies towards divine guidance with feelings of gratitude a way will somehow be made for you. Just have faith first and foremost in yourself and never give in to doubt, believe that you deserve to achieve your goals and dreams.


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