I walked the dollar Part 1

I walked the dollar Part 1

By Dr.Saiful Bahri

To keep himself motivated, the author created a new midddle name … CASH, because in order to get order I needed to adopt the following attributes :
C = Commitment and Candour
A = Aim and attitude
S = Self Discipline and Strategy
H = Hunger for success and security

To make a salesperson, you will need
1) To believe in yourself
2) To possess a strong will power, energy and desire to succeed
3) To transform
4) To be forcused
5) To be sincere
6) To believe in the product
7) To be a constant student
8) To be patient

In the business world, there is a particular technique strategists use within companies to determine an action plan in order to overcome certain road bumps that they may come across along the path to progress. This technique is called a S.W.O.T analsyis and the basic principles of this is to determine the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Once all the characteristics have been outlined can strategists devise the best route to overcome or enhance on those strengths and weaknesses.


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