Cards on the Table

Cards on the Table

By Agatha Christie

The famous detective Hercule Poirot meets Mr Shaitana. The mysterious Mr Shaitana claims that he collects items of interest that are to Mr Poirot – the collection of murderers. He invites Mr Poirot to a party.

4 guests – Doctor Roberts, elderly woman Mrs Lorrimer, tall and adverturous Mrjor John Despard and pretty young woman Miss Anne Meredith. At dinner, Mr Shaitana mentioned that poison was a woman’s weapon and about a doctor’s opportunities. These comments certainly made his guests uncomfortable.

Later Mr Shaitana was found murdered in his own house. Which one of the guest is the murderer?

It is quite interesting to note of the way Agatha Christie brings up each of the guest’s past and the likelihood of murder in their lives. There are quite a few surprises. When everyone start to think that Ms Anne Meredith is the murderer of Mr Shaitana, another surprise rise up and it was revealed that the real murderer was the initial suspect all along.


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