Whose Cheese can I move?

Whose Cheese can I move?

By Chen Tong

Whose Cheese Can I Move? is a short but insightful story about six main characters who reside in two sections of the maze named Cheesetown and Brie Country respectively.

Power struggles break out as cheese consumes the hearts and minds of the once-peaceable residents, and betrayals results.

Successful people are those who keep moving the cheese of the unsuccessful. Unsuccessful people always get their cheese moved. Protect your cheese from being moved, tell them not to move it, but be prepared for the opportunity to move someone else’s cheese.

The world’s supply of cheese may be infinite, but do you want to invest your finite lifetime in an infinite search for cheese?

I chose to live life, and my life, and all that is wonderful in it, has become my cheese. I’m not afraid that my cheese will be moved because my cheese is my ideas and thoughts. Ideas and thoughts can be copied and multipled, so no one is able to, or will want to, take them away.

But many of us choose desires, thus our cheese is the fulfilment of these desires. The more cheese there is, the more we desire. But such desires are contradictory by nature, and the different cheeses are mutually exclusive. You can only have one or the other, but not both. And in pursuing our cheese, we often have to protect our cheese from being moved by others.


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