The Master-Key to Riches

The Master-Key to Riches

By Napoleon Hill

The Revealing Story of Edward Choate

At the outset of his career as a life insurance salesman, Edward Choate made a modest living from his efforts but he broke no records in that field. Through an unfortunate business venture, he lost all of his money and found himself at the bottom of the ladder and was forced to make a new start.

Through his meditations he became a student of the philosophy of individual achievement. When Mr Choate reached the lesson on going the extra mile he was awakened by a keen sense of understanding he had never before experienced, and he recognised that the loss of material riches may lead one to the source of greater riches, consisting of one’s spiritual forces.

For the time being he ceased to think about the amount of life insurance he might sell, and began to look around for opportunities to be of service to others who were burdened with problems they could not solve.

His first opportunity came when he discovered a young man out in the deserts of California who had failed in a mining venture and was facing starvation. He took the young man into his home, fed him, encouraged him and kept him in his home until he found a good position for him.

In thus casting himself for the role of the good Samaritan, Mr Choate had no thought of pecuniary gain, for it was obvious that a poverty-stricken, broken-spirited boy might never become a prospective purchaser of life insurance.

Then other opportunities to help the less fortunate began to reveal themselves so rapidly that it seemed as if Mr Choate had made of himself a magnet which attracted only those with difficult problems to be solved.

But the appearance was deceiving, for he was only passing through a testing period by which he might demonstrate his sincerity of purpose in helping others. A period, let us not forget, which everyone who applies the principle of going the extra mile must experience in one way or another.

Then the scene shifted, and the affairs of Edward Choate began to take a turn he probably had not expected. His life insurance sales began to mount higher and higher, until at last they had reached an all-time high level. And miracle of miracles, one of the largest policies he had ever written up to that time was sold to the employer of the young man of the desert whom he had befriended. The sale was made without Mr. Choate’s solicitation.

Other sales begain to come his way in the same manner, until he was actually selling more insurance, wihtout any strenuous effort, than he had ever sold previously by the hardest kind of labour.

Moreover, he had tapped a field of life insurance salesmanship in which the policies he sold were of large amounts. Men of great responsibilities and extensive financial affairs begain to send for him to counsel them in connection with their life insurance problems.

His business grew until it brought him that goal which is so greatly coveted by all life insurance men – Life membership in the Million Dollar Round Table. Such a distinction is attained only by those who sell a minimum of a million dollars a year in insurance for three consecutive years.

So, in seeking spiritual riches Edward Choate also found material riches ; found them in greater abundance than he had ever anticipated. He revealed the humility of heart by which he is inspired, frankly admitting that his achievements were the result of the application of the philosophy of others.

For it its obvious to all who think accurately that no man ever attains a high degree of enduring success without the friendly co-operation of others; nor does any man ever attain enduring success without helping others.


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