Keeping the Funnel Full

Keeping the Funnel Full

The Definitive Authority on Solution Selling
By Don Thomson
The funnel approach is powerful because it shows at a glance the status of all your prospects and where they are in the sales cycle.

There are many sources of prospects, but the most productive are often well-planned seminars. Don Thomson also talks about 6 Step Prospecting Process. This 6-step prospecting process assists sales professionals in planning and executing that first important prospecting call. Prospecting begins by obtaining the interview.

Step 1 : Obtaining the first appointment

> Phone Call, Voice Mail or Email
Everyone has a preferred method of communication. Determine what it is for each of your prospects by asking them. One client asked not to be contacted by email, as he gets so many that he can’t possibly read them all.

It is a mistake to save time by qualifying leads on the phone. Use the phone only to obtain the appointment. Do your qualifying face to face.

Top sales professionals will research a company or a person first before they make the phone call. Constantly scan newspapers, appropriate magaines, and other publications, watching for articles about prospective customers.

You need to empower the screening source. Write 1-2 short paragraphs stating the objective of the meeting. Include one valid reason why the Senior Executive would wish to meet with you.

Step 2 : Preparing the call

One way to get proficient at making prospecting calls is to pick a prospecting day 2-3 times a month, and make calls those days. The more calls you make, the more proficient you will become and the more you will enjoy making them.

Step 3 : Qualifying face to face

All prospecting calls have the same objective : To verify if company or individual A is a good fit and would benefit from your product.

Step 4 : Handling the Good Fit

A fit occurs when the lead passes the new prospect criteria.

Step 5 : Handling the Bad Fit

If the lead does not pass your new prospec criteria, lose early. A bit fit can take an inexhaustible amount of your time.

Step 6 : Reviewing the call

Complete a call report as soon as you leave the interview because recall of the points discussed will decrease exponentially with time.

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