Problem at Pollensa Bay

Problem at Pollensa Bay

By Agatha Christie

At first glance, the book I got was not of this yellowish cover. It was a green one with a buoy, the title – “Problem at Pollensa Bay”. This was being kind of misleading as I did not know that the book is a compilation of a few short stories.

My own favourite is “The Harlequin Tea Set” .

A windower and a widow with their children from a previous marriage had 2 boys identity switched. The first boy, Roland, is supposedly to be Tom Addison’s grandson. The second boy Timothy is supposedly to be the widow’s son.

Detective and old family friend Mr Satterthwaite found himself affectionately looking upon Timothy as Tom Addison’s grandson. It is only when the widow tried to poison Timothy that the family found out about the switch in identity as Timothy suffered from Daltonism (colour blind) similar to his grandfather Tom Addison.

“Greed, I supose,” said Mr Satterthwaite. ‘She hadn’t any money of her own, I believe. Her husband Christopher Eden, was a nice clap by all accounts but he hadn’t anything in the way of means. But Tom Addison’s grandchild had got big money coming to him. A lot of money. Property all around here has appreciated enormously. I’ve no doubt that Tom Addison will leave the bulk of what he has to his grandson. She wanted it for her own son and through her own son, of course, for herself. She is a greedy woman.’


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