The Body in the Library

The Body in the Library

By Agatha Christie

The significance is that people kills for money. A body of a beautiful stranger had been discovered sprawled in Colonel Bantry’s library.

This stranger is linked to the Jefferson which is a rich family. Conway Jefferson is a rich, elderly wheelchair-bound man who lost his legs in a plane crash that also claimed the lives of his wife, son and daughter. He had only his son-in-law Mark Gaskell and his daughter-in-law Adelaide Jefferson and Peter Carmody, Adelaide’s 9 year old son from an earlier marriage.

“Since the body wasn’t the body of Ruby Keene, it must be the body of someone else. Of whom? Of the other girl who was also missing. Pamela Reeves ! Ruby was eighteen. Pamela sixteen. They were both healthy, rather immature. but muscular girls. But why, I asked myself all this hocus-pocus? There could only be one reason – to give certain persons an alibi.


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