Sparkling Cyanide


by Agatha Christie

It’s been less than a year since beautiful heiress Rosemary Barton took her own life during a birthday dinner in her honor. Her husband George never believed that his fun-loving wife would commit suicide–especially now that he’s received two anonymous letters that suggest cold-blooded murder. One implicates even George himself. It’s true he long suffered Rosemary’s infidelities.

The intended victim was supposed to be the new heiress Iris, however George subsequently became the accidental victim. Nobody ever imagine the black sheep of the family who was sent away is the mastermind of the whole event. It was plotted that upon the new heiress’s death, her fortune will go to an unsuspecting aunt, who happens to be a doting mum to the black sheep.

So this novel tells that for unsolved mysteries like that, it may be good to follow the money trail for clues of the murderer’s identity.


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