The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

By Agatha Christie

An aging heiress, fatally poisoned; the door to her room locked from the inside, the charred remains of a will in her fireplace are some of the ingredients in this absorbing tale of murder, jealousy and greed.

Agatha Christie’s classic introduces Hercule Poirot, the brilliant and amazing Belgian detective.

After reading this novel, it shows that reality may be the opposite of what it seems. Two person who may be appeared logged headed at each other, may very well be putting up a show to disguise their conspiracy to murder. Two person who appeared to dislike each other very much may very well be in loved without their knowing.

“The Mysterious Affair at Styles” was the first novel by Agatha Christie. It was written towards the end of the First World War, in which she served as a VAD. (Voluntary Aid Detachment) In it, she created Hercule Poirot, the little Belgian detective who was destined to become the most popular detective in a crime friction since Sherlock Holmes.


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