Office Wit and Wisdom


By Tracey Turner

This book is written in a very witty and cute manner. Some areas you need to know that an interview is also there for you to make up your mind about the company.

The author writes about 15 office type that you can identify in the office :

1) The Thruster
Scarily ambitious and confident, the Thruster would cheerfully kick away his own grandmother’s Zimmer Frame if he thought he could use it to climb up the corporate ladder.

Many Thrusters give the impression that they are caring and friendly people. Do not be fooled : they don’t care whether you live or die, and if they are being nice to you it’ll only be because they think you might be useful to them in some way. A majority of senior management is made up of Thrusters.

2) Insane Office Managers
Generally speaking, the lower doen the hierarchy the office manager is, the nicer and more reasonable she will be. But the higher up the scale, the more bonkers.

3) The Late Worker
This common office type stays at the office long after the end of the working day. Late Workers want to succeed in the world of office politics but usually they get the reputation of a lazy slacker who eats a lot of take-aways.

4) The Gossip
If you are starting a new job, beware of anyone who seems very friendly and asks a lot of personal questions : your sexual history will become general knowledge within hours.

5) Mr (or Ms) Whiffy
There is nearly always someone in the office who does something physically repulsive but occasionally you find an extreme case who always smell musty (at best), wears a limited wardrobe of stained clothing and has a wide variety of disguisting habits.

6) The Shameless Brown-Noser
Brown-Nosers look up to THrusters with admiration and awe, however they ususally manage to achieve with their obvious cringe-making toadying is the dislike of their colleagues.

7) The Loon
Loons are properly mad. Many of them seem quite normal at first when he or she started at the company : it could be that office life has driven them insane. Some disturbing behaviours include : stalking colleagues, throw regular ‘temper tantrums’ involving stamping feet and shouting, spread bizarre and obviously made-up rumours etc.

8) The Whooper
Whoopers are overly enthusiastic employees who whoop like chimps when they hear of high company performance levels, see the latest company product etc. They might also be keen high-fivers. Whoppers might often be Thrusters or Tigers

9) The Joker
Most offices have an official Joker who is characterized by being deeply unfunny. He or she will be responsible for forwarding “humourous” emails around the company.

10) The Tiger
Tigers are managers who have obviously read too much self-help style management books and can’t stop sprouting motivational nonsense. Unfortunately, they are incapable of making it sound onvincing.

11) The Complainer
These people rarely open their mouths without whining and cast a deathly pall of depression wherever they go.

12) The Home Maker
A few office workers over-compensate by making thier office space into a home-from-home.

13) The Crisis Monkey
Some people have a poorly developed sense of proportion and see anything as hugely important.A minor problem for anyone else is a huge crisis for Crisis Monkey.

14) The Champion Slacker
They are idlers who manage to spend more time slacking than working. They can be subdivided into 2 types : those who admit thier appalling behaviour to colleagues and dont care much if they get sacked. The other type is pretend to work hard not realizing their idleness is plain to all and deeply irritating to those who have to deal with the effects of their feckless behaviour.

15) The Management Speaker


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