The way of the dog – in a nutshell


1. Position
Asking questions is the best way to find both their position and your position. Don’t even think of starting the journey until you know the position.
Tip – talk about the past
Try – who did this for you, when did you decide, how is this done, what were you spending?

2. Lift

The only time the pressure should be raised is when we start them moving. Change is usually resisted. Take and keep control. Propose action, give no choice. Choices – tomorrow or the day after?

3. The obstacles

Find all the obstacles and remove them. Become their partner, see the obstacles as their concerns, work together to reassure and remove these concerns.

4. The pen

Get someone in a position of power to help open the gates for you. Realize that you have done all that work and don’t waste it by giving up at the gate of the pen. They may be very interested, but you will have to guide them in.

5. Looking after your flock

Keep them happy by congraulating them on their choices. Don’t let others damage what you have worked for.

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