Fish! Sticks : A Remarkable Way to adapt to changing times and keep your work fresh

Fish! Sticks : A Remarkable Way to adapt to changing times and keep your work fresh

By Stephen C.Ludin, John Christensen, Harry Paul

Effecting change in an organization is a piece of cake – compared to the real challenge of getting it to stick. In order to have sustainable change, there is a need to replace the dependency on external energy with a more natural energy. You can only rely on external energy in the beginning.


The most basic ingredient of any vision is the individual IT. IT is our personalization of the vision. Vision-sustaining energy is released as we seek to find out IT through conversation.

Once we are clear about our IT, opportunities to Live IT are more obvious. We call these opportunities vision moments. Vision-sustaining energy builds as we live as many vision moments as we can.

Coaching is a gift we give to each other and to our vision to keep IT strong. Whether it’s about the way we do our work or the way we work together, the feedback needs to flow in all directions. Coaching can’t be an ego trip. We only do it for the vision. We Coach IT.

We have discovered that the secret to keeping our vision alive in today’s challenging work environment is for each of us to commit to Finding our IT inside the vision, to Living IT, and to Coaching IT.

Many people talk about the importance of commitment, but commitment remains an abstraction until we take action. We demonstrate our commitment by taking the following actions :

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