Rich Dad’s The Business School

Rich Dad’s The Business School

For people who like helping people
By Robert T.Kiyosaki

This book highlights on the effectiveness of a network marketing business. A good network marketing business teach people how to think correctly about wealth, and how to become wealthy. However I like only certain parts of the books…

How can I afford to buy real estate?

After the stock market crash of 2000, many people began to wake upto the realization that stocks and mutual funds are risky. After the crash, many people began to wonder about investing in real estate. The problem was that many people did not have enough money to invest in real estate or live in places where real estate is expensive. A question I am often asked today is “How can I buy real estate when I barely earn enough money to pay the rent?”

My answer is always the same. I always say “Keep your day time job and start building a part-time business. Once the business is making money, the second step is to keep your day time job and begin to buy investment real estate with the extra income from the business. That way, you begin to build 2 asset classes rather than spending your life working for money”


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