Towkay Ho Seh Boh? Part 2


Once you eh chiat kor (can take hardship), it is like paying insurance premium. The premium will protect you in your future. In fact once you embrace the 3Hs, you can tong(endure) the harsh cold winter and the buring heat of summer. You can battle the changing weather conditions as the seasons change in the course of your journey.

Money comes from doing the following things:
1) Doing the things people don’t like to do
2) Doing the things people don’t know how to do
3) Doing the things people are afraid to do

Money is a byproduct of combining opportunity with action. Money is made when you are able to find and act upon an opportunity. But where can you can find opportunities? Sources of opportunities can be found in the news and found in change.

The moment you decide to be a towkay you cannot be kia su kia si (afraid to lose and afraid to die). By becoming a towkay you have already taken a big risk in your life. Always take only calculated risks. You must know what will be the worst case scenario if you fail and how much will you lose if you fail. The biggest catch is often found in braving the biggest wave. Taking no risk is the greatest risk for the towkay.


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