Good Luck

Good Luck

Creates the Conditions for Sucess in Life and Business
By Fernando Trias de Bes

In friendly, fairy tale style, the authors tell a story of two knights seeking to find a magic four-leaf clover in an enchanted forest, and along the way impart wisdom about making one’s own luck.

The allegory is peppered with “Rules of Good Luck” and other mantras that manage—most of the time—to ring true.

1) Luck doesn’t last long, because it does not depend on you. Good Luck is created by each of us; that’s why it lasts forever.

2) Many are those who want Good Luck, but few are those willing to pursue it.

3) If you have no Good Luck now, it might be because you are under the usual conditions. To have Good Luck, you must create new conditions.

4) Finding new conditions for Good Luck does not mean looking for our own benefit only. Creating conditions, helping others, make Good Luck more likely to appear.

5) If you postpone the creation of new conditions, Good Luck never arrives. Creating new conditions is sometimes hard work, but .. do it today !

6) Sometimes, even under the seemingly right conditions, Good Luck doesn’t arrive. Look for the seemingly unnecessary but indispensable conditions in the small details.

7) To those who only believe in chance, creating conditions seems absurd. Those who create conditions are not worried about chance.

8) Nobody can sell Good Luck. Good Luck cannot be sold. Do not trust those who sell Luck.

9) After creating all the conditions, be patient, don’t quit. For Good Luck to arrive, have faith.

10) Creating Good Luck consists in preparing conditions for opportunity. But opportunity has nothing to do with luck or chance: iti s always there.

Moral of the Story : Creating Good Luck consists only in creating the conditions.

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