Mixed feelings


I went for further training for motor claims today. It is kind of interesting to know more case studies and the unspoken areas in such claims. Sometimes in life, things may be written black and white on paper, but there are many times we should react based on circumstances.

Frankly speaking up till now, working in the insurance line may not have made me lots of money, however I do learn a lot in many areas. In fact, I learnt more things in life in this job, rather than my previous deskbound job. The feeling of satisfaction that you have helped someone lessen their burden in life was tremenous. This is especially true when I first encountered the hospitalisation claims.

It is getting late… I will have to get up early tomorrow… yawn….


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I live in Singapore. Out of impulse, I decide to try out wordpress blog, despite having always blog my daily readings on http://bealovecat.blogspot.com for over the past 2 years.

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