A Rich Man's Secret

A Rich Man's Secret

By Ken Roberts

Here is an interesting extract from the book. The clue is in a graveyard on a tombstone, and he starts with this first clue,

Your mind is not the friend you now believe it to be. Be as vigilant as you are able; observe yourself as often as you can remember. Observe the numerous states you enter and exit from each day. Inquire of yourself, “Who is this that is angry? doubtful? fearful? excited? depressed ?” It is not you; it is only thoughts in your mind using you.

When you do this long enough, an entirely new understanding will emerge and you will begin to think in a manner differently than you do presently. What will happen? You will become a new person! You will see, hear, and sense as never before. The demon fear will retreat and fall away more and more. You will receive directions to proceed that seem impossible.

Take that first step – no more, no less and the next will be revealed. In this way, you will pass through what formerly appeared to be solid brick walls that you avoided. Your way out is through the illusory brick walls ! Now you will seek “the impossible” knowing it is the doorway out!

Always remember that whatever appears as a solid wall is a mere illlusion created by the rushing river of thought. It is no more significant than an ant – disguised as a brick wall ! The only way to banish this illusion is to proceed through it, watch your fears and trepidation all the while. In this way, you will know from yourself that it is an illusion.


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I live in Singapore. Out of impulse, I decide to try out wordpress blog, despite having always blog my daily readings on http://bealovecat.blogspot.com for over the past 2 years.

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  1. Hello Mellissa!So glad you’re enjoying my book, A Rich Man’s Secret . . . .I’m working on the next one now!And remember: The way out is always UP . . . .Many thanks,Ken Roberts

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