Do less, achieve more

Do less, achieve more

For anyone tired of chasing ever–elusive desires, of doing more only to find that more needs doing, and of making more money only to need more money, best–selling author Chin–Ning Chu shows you that life was meant to be easy, if you know the secrets.

When you are in fear of not surviving, you work hard trying to live a disciplined life of self-imposed deprivation. You do your duty, work at getting ahead, attempt to bring glory to yourself and your family. In fact, deprivation derived from the instinct of survival is no virtue.

If you knew you were going to die soon, you would not be so concerned about survival. Even if you made mistakes, the consequences would not be so awful, because death would come to your rescue. But whether it be 1 year, 3 years or 30 years, death will always come to your rescue? What is there to fear.

The worst that can happen is death, and when you truly know what death is, that is not such a bad opinion. When you willing to not survive, the static of uneasiness flees while harmony and calmness set in.

The Rainmaker has to not care about whether he is able to bring rain or not. Nor can the Rainmaker care about his professional reputation. Thoughts such as whether he will have to give the money back, or if his wife will leave him, can never enter his mind. The Rainmaker knows life has ways of always taking care of itself, including whether the village will ever see rain again. He focuses on bringing harmony into himself and lets the heavens bring the rain. He is at peace within himself and the world. Giving up survival will put your mind at ease, and without much effort, positive results will begin to surface miraculously.


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