What People Want

What People Want

A Manager’s Guide to Building Relationships That Work
By Terry R.Bacon

What do Gen-Y employees need from their Baby Boomer bosses that Gen-Xers don’t? How does gender affect employee-manager relationships? What separates introverts from extraverts?

The author did a research that showed the top 7 needs people have in their relationships:

1. Feeling that others trust me

Trust is the most fundamental relationship need. Without trust, there will not be much of a basis for a relationship at all. People want to feel that they can be honest with others and that others will be honest with them.
2. Feeling challenged; feeling as if I am growing

With rare exceptions, most people are not content in trivial, boring or stagnant jobs. They need to feel that their work is challenging and they are developing their skills, capabilities, and possibilities.
3. Feeling good about myself

Self-esteem can come from many qualities and accomplishments : appearance, intelligence, talents, integrity, titles, acceptance or recognition etc. The elements that constitute high self-esteem for each of us vary considerably, depending on our backgrounds and life experiences.
4. Feeling competent and skilled

People want to be an expert at something, however modest that something might be, because it is critical to how they define themselves and how they develop and sustain self-esteem.

5. Being appreciated for who I am and what I do

People want others to recognize their accomplishments and hold them in high regard. Acceptance and appreciation are essential to feeling part of a community.
6. Feeling excited about what I am doing

People want to be energized and enthused. We live for that adrenaline rush, whether it comes from scaling mountains, running rivers, watching a suspenseful movie, dancing with a loving partner or launching a new project.
7. Feeling involved in activites that matter to me

People want to feel that their time on earth is relevant, that they are contributing to something they believe in. Nothing is worse than going through the motions and feeling that you are wasting your time.


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