By Andrew Sng

Anyone aspiring to move on to bigger and better things in an organization -or outside of it- should harness and develop the STING’D principles. Here is what each letter stands for :

1) S- speaking skills. The ability to communicate ideas, to persuade, to sell a thing or an idea. Nobody in a leadership position can do without it.

2) T- thinking skills. The ability to think clearly, to be aware of one’s critical thought processes with respect to problem solving, decision making , planning and lateral thinking.

3) I – Interpersonal skills. No one is an island. There are no impossible employees around, just employers or bosses who do not understand what make them tick.

4) N – Networking skills. Networking makes it easier to get the door ajar so that you can stick your foot in. It often means the difference between going through a long and circuitous route and taking a shortcut.

5) G- Growth. Sustained, continuous, personal and professional growth. Success is about continuing growth in all aspects of our lives.

6) D- Discipline. University degrees are useless without it. The author illustrates with a real life story. Ben grew up in a middle-income family and has an MBA and 2 degrees from a well knwon university. He is good looking, speaks several languages fluently and is married to a charming lady who earns a good income. He may be the prototypical yuppie success story.

In my view, however he is going round in circles for over a decade. Apart from his first job after graduation, Ben has never stayed longer than 2 years in any position. He is perpetually late for meetings and in completing his assignments. Today he holds a position inferior to the one he had more than a decade ago. Yet the same person often say “I’m capable of doing this and that!”

Achievers know that discipline is the driving force of success. Calvin Coolidge, the 13th president of US said “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Genuius will not. Education will not. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.


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