The Bull Hunter

The Bull Hunter

Tracking Today’s Hottest Investments by Dan Denning (2005)

Most investors have a very limited idea of what a bull market is. They think if prices are moving upward, it’s a bull market and if prices are moving down, it’s a bear market. This is flawed thinking because it’s limited thinking. And the world of investment opportunities is anything but limited.

The more you look around today’s world, the more you see the economic equivalent of war (total economic warfare), for a simple reason : More people than ever before are competing for the same scarce resources.The author comes face to face with James Dyson, a British vacuum cleaner magnate. He said that Of the world’s 10 largest corporations by revenue, nine makes big heavy things. Like cars, ship’s turbines, computer’s hardware or consumer electronics. These companies rely on their engineering and their technology – not their styling for their wealth. Only one Wal Mart is a service company. Manufacturing creates the wealth and spending power that feeds the service industry.

The book poses some interesting ideas on US and terrorism and the value of resources. Instead of fighting a war conventionally, nowadays there is the use of economic warfare, attacking a country’s economy. In total economic warfare, you attack a country’s access to natural resources or its currency. By attacking its economy, you indirectly weaken its ability to attack you militarily.

Dan Denning also thinks very highly about the potential of future crude oil prices. If you are expecting the price of crude oil to rise or on a dramatic interruption in supply. you may want to consider a long term call option.


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