Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach fat city…

Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach fat city…

By Adrian Webster

Small unseen goals are tiny personal goals that will keep you on track to your Big Exciting Dreams. For them to work, you must keep them really small and hidden from the rest of the world. These small unseen goals are known as SMUGs.

Many people fail to achieve their dreams because they get too greedy and expect big instant success. They make their path along the way too steep or with over ambitious goals that are unrealistic with their timescales. As a result, they end up throwing in the towel, feeling hopeless, depressed and at times disliking themselves. They key to avoiding this negative and self-destructive feeling of failure is to start and keep on enjoying the addictive taste of success by feeding yourself regular teaspoon-sized drops of achivement.

Lay down a path littered with SMUGs that are so easy to break that’s like walking on a bubble wrap. You will be amazed at the immense amount of pleasure and self satisfaction that you will derive from popping your SMUGs along the way, no matter how small they are. Bursting through your SMUGs on a regular basis will make you more motivated and increasingly addicted to keep on going because you are continuously achieving something, enjoying little tasters of succses and most importantly feeling good about yourself.

You can visit the website at http://www.polarbearpirates.com for more information.


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