Don’t Gobble the Marshmallow … Ever !

Don’t Gobble the Marshmallow … Ever !

The Secret to Sweet Success in Times of Change
By Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer

Migrane Riddle
What would you do if you had access to pills that would relieve a migraine headache in 3 minutes but no one wanted to buy them because you were selling each 2 pill dose for $50?

Some answers include “Reduce the price, conduct market research, advertise, obtain testimonials, get celebrity endorsements etc”

The answer is to “Create the headache” You have to create the migraine headache. No one who is feeling fine needs medicine, and a person with a normal headache won’t spent more than $10 on a hundred Tylenol tablets and, personally I’d buy the generic for half that price. But someone in the middle of a migraine headache, someone who’d been lying in the dark for 2 days, someone who couldn’t tolerate the slightest noise – let alone the cacophony in this room – without feeling agonizing pain, would happily pay $50 or even $100 for those pills.

These are easy sales. Those people will come crawling to your door. But if you want to create the harder, bigger sales, you have to create the headaches. A plumber doesn’t have to drum up emergency business – someone whose living room is flooded with bathroom water can’t afford to question the cost of getting his pipes fixed. But the same plumber can increase his business if he can create the plumbing emergency in the minds of his customers. He creates the headaches before he sells his magical pills.

Create the headache and then sell the aspirin, that is the most important lesson in the world of sales. The key is to ask the right questions so as to find out the client’s need. The bigger the need, the bigger the headache.


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