The Don't Sweat Guide to your finances

The Don't Sweat Guide to your finances

Planning, Saving and Spending Stress-Free
By the Editors of Don’t Sweat Press
Foreword by Richard Carlson, Ph.D

Saving Money when you don’t have any

Despite what you might think, you can save money even if you don’t have a lot of cash. After all, who really has extra money? The key to saving is to begin, and then you can easily make small efforts that will produce large benefits.

At the end of the day, collect your change and put it in a jar or other container. You won’t miss those coins. While this may seem like a naive idea, the change will add up quickly over a week’s time. Add several weeks and months, and you’ll have a reasonable amount of money.

Daily Finances in 5 Minutes a Day

Carry around a piece of paper in your wallet or a notepad, and write down what you spend during the day. (I think a pda or phone will also do) At the end of the day, you can total up your expenses and see exactly what you have spent. If you do this each day for a week, you will have a good estimate of what you spend and be in a position to develop a realistic budget.


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