The Secret – What Great Leaders know and do

The Secret – What Great Leaders know and do

By Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller
Everything rises and falls on leadership ! In The Secret, Debbie Brewster, recently promoted and struggling, finds herself about to lose her job due to poor performance. In an attempt to save her career, she enrolls in a new mentoring program offered by the company’s president Jeff Brown.
In their mentoring session, Jeff talked about the secret of great leaders is to SERVE. The idea of SERVE fits nicely within the metaphor of the ice-berg. A leader’s motivation or intention is a character issue. You must continuously ask yourself ‘Am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?”
When ships sailed in northern seas, many fell prey to icebergs. In most of those tragedies, what sunk the ships? The part of the iceberg that was visible or the part that was under the water, unseen? It was what under the sea. Character or lack of it is still the nemisis of most leaders in our world. Skills are critical to effective leadership but character is also.
The word SERVE stands for :
S – See the future
E – Engage and develop others
R – Reinvent continuously
V – Value results and relationships
E – Embody the values
See the future

A compelling vision stirs passion within you. It tells everyone who works with you who you are, where you’re going, and what will drive your behaviour. Are you passionate about satisfying your salespeople and customers? Envisioning and communicating a future oriented vision is a huge part of leadership.
Engage and develop others

You must have the right people, in the right roles, fully engaged if you are going to accomplish the things you identified under See the Future. Everything that you will accomplish as a leader ultimately hinges on the people you have around you. Engage has 2 distinct components. The first has to do with selection, choosing the right people for the right job. The second component is to do with the level of buy-in people have for a cause, their work and a leader. You have to enlist their hands, engage their heads and hearts. With every pair of hands you hire, you get a free brain.
Reinvent Continuously

Great leaders reinvent continuously on a personal level. They are always interested in ways to enhance their own knowledge and skills. The very best leaders are learners. If you stop learning, you stop leading.
Value Results and Relationships

Great leaders do both. Most corporate leaders have said it’s all about our results. The way to maximize your results as a leader is to have high expectations for both results and relationships. If we can take care of our customers and create a motivating working environment for our people, profits and financial strength are the applause we get for a job well done. Success is both results and relationships. It’s a proven formula. If success is about results and relationships, you’ll have to take a few relational risks along the way.

Embody the values

All genuine leadership is built on trust. One way is to live consistently with the values you profess. If I say customers are important, my actions had better support that statement. If I choose to live as customers are not important, people will have reason to question my trustworthiness. For a leader to be successful, he or she must embody the values of their organization. So if you are leading at your child’s school or in your church, you should embody the values of that particular organization.

I really like the way the writers write the story based on a mentoring relationship brings out the secrets of success. It tells of a simple yet compelling tale that contains all the profound truth.


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