Millionaire Upgrade

Millionaire Upgrade

By Richard Parkes Cordock (Creator of Millionaire MBA)

The story unfolds mid-air at 35,000 feet as Michael, the savvy self-made millionaire shares his wisdom – 8 step approach and magic ingredients for success with Tom, the aspiring entrepreneur.

The words ” I Believe” represents the principles of success. Each letter of I believe gives clues to the qualities for success.

I – I believe in myself.
B- Be passionate and want it.
E – Extend your comfort zone.
L – Lies and Luck don’t work.
I – Install goals.
E – Enjoy hard work.
V – Very very persistent.
E – Expect failure.

Chapter Six
How often have tournaments been won, not by the best player ,but by the one who hung in and waited it out and kept chasing down every ball that came their way, no matter how hopeless it seemed? They could be two sets down and they just wouldn’t quit, they still believed they could win. That’s real persistence and that’s how you get to be a champion.

Yes, you practise for hours and work on your technique and passionately want to win, but if you aren’t also very very persistent you won’t be successful. I say it’s a hidden characteristic because what other people see is the surface stuff. They talk about talent and timing and luck, but what they don’t realize is that none of that matters. Successful people aren’t quitters. If you had given up when the game was going against you then how many matches would you have won?

Persistence is what underlies all other principles we talked about. If you want to be successful, that kind of mental strength has to become a way of life and it starts from I believe.

There are 4 steps that anyone can take to ensure they develop the persistence it takes to get to the top of the mountain.
1. Have a clearly defined goal that you believe in, you are passionate about and you have an intense desire to reach.

2. Create a clear plan that you can begin working on immediately and anchor this with immediate and constant action.

3. Immerse yourself in the achievement of your goal – many people will try and knock you off trackl listen to them and learn from them but remain focused on your ultimate objective.

4. Surround yourself with talented people who share your belief and passion – and who can help you achieve your goal.


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