The Next Big Thing is really small

The Next Big Thing is really small

How Nanotechnology will change the future of your business
By Jack Uldrich with Deb Newberry

Nanotechnology, by definition, is the willful manipulation of matter at the atomic level to create better and entirely new materials, devices and systems. Consider coal and diamonds – they are both constructed out of the same material, carbon atoms. The arrangement of those atoms, however, greatly transforms both how those materials can be used and their value.

If we can manipulate the atom, then the rules for the game for almost every product change. I find this book a little difficult to read, as it seems to be more of a hip book trying to tell you how hip nanotechnology is. For now, nanotechnology has yet to really manifest.

Extract from chapter 7 : 2009 – 2013 taking control
Currently $80 billion worth of plant oil is used every year in the production of plastics, paints and other products. The problem, from the perspective of the users of these products is that the oils must first be modified using expensive chemical-processing plants. Agricultural researchers are now, however working to change plant enzymes so that the plants make the exact type of oil needed in the first place.

Instead of using expensive, environmentally unfriendly processes that rely on chemicals and high temperatures and pressures to refine plant oils, the plants can instead be manipulated to use their own natural molecular processes to create refined oil. Why pay for chemicals and addictives when something can be done for free?


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