Change Your Life in 7 Days

Change Your Life in 7 Days

This book is called ‘Change Your Life in 7 Days’, hmmm.. however I dont seem to feel changed after reading it. Anyway there are also some good advices and parts that I like about it.

The best advice in the world

In the mid 1980s, John Opel, then Chairman of IBM gave a talk to an audience of Stanford MBAs. In response to a request for his advice about how newly minted MBAs should embark on their careers, he said he would share one of his ‘secrets’ for true success. As the eager young minds in the audience leaned forward, Opel whispered : “Don’t fake it!”

The reason you are not yet living the life of your dreams is that you are wasting so much of your time and energy hiding your negative self-image from the world. Here are some tips to reprogramme your self image for success :

1) Take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply. As your muscles relax, it becomes easier to unleash your imagination.

2) Now imagine another you standing in front of you. This is the most magnificent you that you can imagine – your authentic self.

3) Take a moment to feel totally happy with your authentic self. Look at the way the authentic you stands, breathes, smiles, walks and talks. Notice how the authentic you handles problems and goes for goals.

4) Now step into and synthesize with your authentic self. See through the eyes of your authentic self, hear through the ears of your authentic self, and feel how it feels so good to live life as your authentic self.

5) Finish your programming session by taking a minute to daydream how your life will be different as you live more and more from your authentic self.


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