Change Your Life in 7 Days Part 2

Change Your Life in 7 Days Part 2

Extract from Chapter 6 Creating your money
I decided to make a ‘wealth scrapbook’, collecting pictures of things I wanted, places I wanted to visit and people I wanted to meet. In order to make your own ‘wealth scrapbook’, start collecting pictures of things you want, people you’d like to meet, places you’d like to go and things you want to have. Anything you’d like to bring into your life, bring into your scrapbook.

Then every time you look through your book, practise creating sensory-rich experiences of your goals. If it’s a particular car, go about getting a test ride so that afterwards you can vividly imagine driving one, over and over again. If it’s a beautiful house, imagine walking around it until you know every inch of it. You are rehearsing being wealthy, and like a method actor, you need to totally get the part.

A friend of mine got really into this type of creative visualization. He’d been practising visualizing parking spaces, and amazingly it seemed to work. So he decided to go for bigger things. Although he’d never been outside of England, he decided that he wanted to travel the world in style. Even though he didn’t have much money, he collected some travel brochures, cut out the pictures of all the exotic places he wanted to go to and stuck them in his scrapbook. Then, in order to make it real to himself, each Sunday for a month he packed his suitcase and went to the airport, even standing in line before turning around and going home.

One day, with no warning, he was called into his boss’s office and asked if he would like to become their international reporter. His boss explained it would mean travelling all over the world- first class. He could hardly believe it.

Most amazing of all, after a few months of travelling, he arrived at a small village in Switzerland where he began to get a feeling of deja vu. It was only when he got back to England and checked in his scrapbook that he found it – he’d been staying in the exact same village he’d cut out and pasted into his scrapbook and ultimately his unconscious mind.


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