The Jungle Seminar

The Jungle Seminar

7 essential lesssons for success (2005)
by Boris von Smercek

This is a masterfully told fable that offers insights about personal growth, the learning process and the true meaning of success. Some of the animals such as the Ant, Elephant,Chimpanzee, Leopard, Tortoise and the Eagle were called to a 7 days seminar hosted by the Owl.

Each day of the seminar comes with an important lesson.

Day 1 : Everything in the river and the river keeps flowing. I am right in the middle of it. It is my decision alone whether I tie up at the river-bank, or travel onwards.

Day 2 : If you’re stuck on a sandbank, be creative and try new things – even if you face resistance from others. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Learn from them. Have the courage to make a monkey of yourself.

Day 3: When faced with a problem,
1. Gather information.
2. Analyse and evaluate information.
3. Come up with alternatives.
4. Choose the best alternative.
5. Carry out the plan and regularly monitor its success.

Plan your steps, slow and steady, just like the tortoise!

Day 4: If a tree is about to fall on you, make a decision and act quickly. If you meet unexpected dangers, be flexible like the leopard!

Day 5 : Don’t be too quick to give up if a tree falls in your path! Confront life like the elephant, have faith in yourself and persevere! Life is always filled with all kinds of danger. Judge these dangers realistically.

Day 6 : When it is foggy and the river branches in many directions, be like the eagle and never lose sight of your goal!

Day 7 : Keep your eyes open and learn from others – just like the ant.


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