Love is the Killer App

Love is the Killer App

Love is the Killer App
-How to win business and influence friends
By Tim Sanders (2002)

Rating : *****

You may have wonder why this blog is called “Be a love cat”. This blog is inspired when I start reading this book. I love this book very much and included some extracts from it.

The author feels that if you want to suceed in the 21st century, you must be a lovecat . What is a lovecat? In general, a love cat offers wisdom freely. Gives away his address book to everyone who wants it. And always be human.

There are 3 steps to be a lovecat

  1. Share your knowledge
  2. Share your network
  3. Share your compassion
Extract from the book page 67 “Knowledge”
Knowledge, however is consequential. Knowledge currency is social currency on steriods. It’s important,it’s powerful, it’s essential. Thus it is value currency. Someone talking about the latest reality television show may attract a brief audience around the water cooler or the copy machine, but someone who tells people about Clayton M. Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma and who finds a way for them to connect the ideas to their careers so that they own the book is a person of genuine value.

Extract from the book page 124 “Network”
Many of us forget to carry our value around with us – in other words, we dont have our address book handy when connections are being made. That’s why people say,”I’ll have to get back to you later.” It’s a mistake. For years I used to print out my address book from my computer and carry it with me. Before that, I took my little black book with every address I needed in it. Today I carry an electronic organizer. Between my Palm Pilot and my cell phone, I can connect anyone I meet with anyone else in my network almost instantaneously.

Extract from the book page 160 ” Compassion”
Compassion buys forgiveness. If you enjoy warm, compassionate relationships with your bizmates, you will be given a larger margin of error during those times when you are less than perfect – and all of us come up short at some point. Not that you should take undue advantage of this latitude. But it’s like money in a rainy-day bank account : It’s good to know it’s there.

You can visit Tim Sanders’s website at Tim Sanders, the Chielf Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, consults with Fortune 500 executives and world-class brands on marketing and internet strategy.


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